Power and Politics on the Acropolis



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David Stuttard


The Parthenon is one of the world’s most iconic buildings: today, its silhouette symbolizes Greece. Built on the rocky acropolis of Athens in the aftermath of the devastating invasion of Xerxes, the Parthenon was part temple to Athene, part war memorial, part treasure trove of some of the most outstanding art of its age. Parthenon: Power and Politics on the Acropolis takes the reader through the dramatic story of the conception and creation of the Parthenon, setting it against a turbule nt historical background and rooting the building firmly in the real and mythological landscape of Athens. Written as a pacy, narrative history, the text features a cast of memorable characters, including Themistocles, the general whose decision to eva cuat e Athens led to the Persian sack of the acropolis; Pericl es, visionary statesman and mastermind of the Athens’ building project; and Pheidi as, who created the cult statue of Athene, and narrowly escaped impeachment for embezzlement. Beautifully illustrated with evocative site photography, details from the Parthenon sculptures and other related artworks from the superb collection of the British Museum, this book explores the Parthenon as the spiritual heart of a network of commanding buildings, de vised by Pericles and continued by his successors to promote the power of Athens as leader of the Greek world.

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