Peter Schlesinger: 8 Days in Yemen 1976



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Peter Schlesinger


In 1976, Peter Schlesinger visited the Republic of Yemen on a week-long trip with his partner, the photographer Eric Boman, who was on assignment for a French fashion magazine. The country had been closed to foreigners for many years, forgotten to the world. During his visit, Schlesinger took hundreds of photographs, documenting an ancient civilization with its unique architecture and culture.

Today, much of the country has tragically been destroyed by political strife and civil war. Schlesinger’s photographs encapsulate a moment in Yemen’s history, when the influence of its past still found expression in the extraordinary imagination of practising Yemeni craftspeople. 8 Days in Yemen 1976 presents a rare look back in time.

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Peter Schlesinger was born in Los Angeles and studied art, both there and in London. His sculptures have been exhibited widely and are in the collections of the Parrish Art Museum, The Farnsworth Museum, and Manchester Gallery of Art, England. In addition to sculpting, he has published three books of photography. He currently resides in New York City.