Print Design (Bilingual edition)

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The current state of print product performance in German-speaking Europe: from an award publication to a catalogue, from an annual report to a magazine, from a label to a corporate typeface design.


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Print products can not only be visually experienced, they also decisively contribute to brand development and dialog in the digital age, as durable marketing tools, always visible, always loud and indispensable. Effective print design can awaken a range of completely different emotions through its haptic characteristics and tangibility. Convincing print products must be appealing and impressive just by touch.

From an anniversary publication to a catalogue, from an annual report to a magazine, from a label to corporate type design – and half a dozen other categories: This publication sifts through, documents and comments on the current state of performance of print products in the German-speaking countries. Particular emphasis is placed on a holistic view of all disciplines. This encompasses all steps from planning to processing that are involved in the conception, design and realization of a successful print project.

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Weight 996 g
Dimensions 20.8 x 26.9 cm
Publisher name bnb media gmbh, Zurich
Publication date 9 June 2023
Number of pages 224
Format Hardback
Contributors Edited by OdoEkke Bingel
Dimensions 20.8 x 26.9 cm
Weight 996 g


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OdoEkke Bingel is a lifecycle and branding consultant. He acquired his marketing expertise with international B2B groups and B2C branded companies. The chemical industry, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics are his main sectors. Since 2008, he has regularly published State of The Art corporate and print design projects from German-speaking countries.