Robert Adams: On Lookout Mountain



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Robert Adams


The view from Lookout Mountain west of Denver is of natural forms and our imprint on them, of the timeless and the passing. Generations have made their way there to find perspective on the city and the plains beyond. Robert Adams photographed from the overlook in 1970, and again in 1984. For this volume, he has assembled a selection of views, by him and by others, that document a complex location that inspires both hope and despair.

The site is an admixture: “Buffalo Bill” Cody’s grave is located a few hundred feet to the south; the Coors brewery stands downhill; in the distance the sunrise reflects from unnatural lakes created by gravel quarrying required to make cement. Robert Adams

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Publisher name Steidl
Publication date 20 January 2024
Number of pages 40
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Dimensions 28.7 x 33.6 cm
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Robert Adams was born in 1937 in Orange, New Jersey. After earning a PhD in English literature and teaching the subject for several years at Colorado College, he became a photographer in the mid-1960s. Adams has published more than 40 books of photographs, with the changing landscape of the American West as his primary subject; his books with Steidl include Gone? (2009), The Place We Live (2013) and From the Missouri West (2018). Adams lives and works with his wife in northwest Oregon.