Russian Made Clear

The Essential Course for Beginners


A new Russian textbook for beginners. Proven effective over several years, now completely redesigned and updated, Russian Made Clear aims to become the dominant Russian course for beginners


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Vera Adian, Frank Althaus


Russian Made Clear is a new book for beginners. It introduces practical language in a strictly logical order. Explanations are clear and concise, based on the principle that grammar should be treated as a means towards accurate and effective communication, not as a theoretical discipline.

Russian Made Clear has been developed over many years of successful practice with individual and group students at the Russian Language Centre, the UK’s leading centre for adult Russian studies.

Audio recordings of all texts and dialogues are available to download from the Russian Language Centre’s website, along with a library of supplementary interactive exercises.

Russian Made Clear takes students comfortably beyond CEFR Level A1 (TRKI Elementary Level). Although written with adults in mind, the book works equally well with older school and university students.

Throughout the book academic rigour is combined with wit and a sense of humour, and each lesson ends with a chapter from the story of the hapless icon expert Peter Munroe, as he becomes unwittingly caught up in a tale of romance, men in suits and forged artworks.

Russian Made Clear is practical, enjoyable and easy to use. Most importantly – it works.

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Weight 1021 g
Dimensions 19.5 x 27.8 cm
Publisher name Fontanka
Publication date 12 August 2020
Number of pages 448
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 19.5 x 27.8 cm
Weight 1021 g


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Frank Althaus is founder and director of the Russian Language Centre (RLC), the UK's largest Russian teaching institution, with more than 450 students currently enrolled. He has taught Russian since 1992, and has co-authored several course books used at RLC, including the Centre's four main textbooks, two of which form the basis of Russian made clear.

Vera Adian is Senior Tutor at the Russian Language Centre, with more than 30 years' experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language, initially in Moscow and, since 1996, in London. She is co-author of RLC's four main textbooks and has presented regularly at conferences and seminars around Europe.