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Barbara Hofmann-Jonhson


Sanna Kannisto’s métier is nature photography. Like her role models, she considers herself both a scientist and an artist. And, in fact, her analytical gaze is in no way inferior to her creativity and passion. She creates moments of unusual beauty that also shed light on what has been previously concealed.

Kannisto has her own method for taking pictures of birds, photographing the animals in front of a brilliantly lit, white background. Removed from their usual surroundings, every detail appears in matchless clarity, allowing for precise study. At the same time, this results in a unique visual aesthetic: the feathers glow brightly, the beating wings take on a majestic quality, and the deep black eyes of the birds seem to gaze hauntingly at the camera. The patience required to produce these pictures has paid off , since it is hard to imagine more beautiful photographs of birds.

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Publication date 1 December 2020
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Dimensions 25.7 x 29.8 cm
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SANNA KANNISTO (*1974, Hämeenlinna, Finland) studied photography at the Turku School of Art and Communication and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Her work is represented in many exhibitions and renowned collections. In 2017, she won the William Thuring Prize from the Finnish Art Society.