Sock Story


A simple, heartwarming story told in comic-book form about a sock that loses his pair.


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CK Smouha, Eleonora Marton


It’s Phil and Dale’s favourite time of the week – the WASH! The two socks impress each other with their acrobatics; flipping, spinning and shrieking, much to the disapproval of the other clothes in the washing machine. But why should they care? They’ve got each other and that’s all that matters… right?

When Phil goes missing, Dale is left contemplating life in solitude. After a brief encounter with a red shirt, he finds himself alone in the washing machine, lost and pink. When he is finally reunited with his buddy, Phil fails to recognise him and the socks must decide what being a pair means if one of you has changed.

A brilliant message reminding us to celebrate the differences of our friends!

This story would be a good tool for in the classroom to discuss the importance of the language that we use towards each other. A lovely story to share with children. — Reading Zone

Additional information

Weight 156 g
Dimensions 27 x 20 cm
Publisher name Cicada Books Ltd
Publication date 1 June 2020
Number of pages 32
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 27 x 20 cm
Weight 156 g


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Eleonora Marton is an Italian illustrator living and working in London. She is the author of DIY ABC (Cicada, 2016) and Bigger (Cicada, 2017).

CK Smouha is a television writer and author living and working in London. She is the author of Born Bad (Cicada, 2017) and Iced Out (Cicada 2018)