Symbols of the Occult


Explore the most important sacred signs and symbols in the world with this visual directory


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Eric Chaline


Chosen for their powerful symbolism, the illustrations in this book range from the myths and legends of the ancient world to the icons used in modern culture and science. You will discover the fascinating origins and meanings of over 500 signs and symbols, from the secrets of the Maya calendar to demon-summoning seals and secretive symbols of the hermetic orders.

Divided into seven thematic sections – astrology; the natural world; sacred writings; alchemy, numerology and sacred geometry; magic; demonology; and the western esoteric tradition – this decoding guide is the ultimate resource for unlocking the secret language of signs and symbols for the modern occultist.

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Weight 892 g
Dimensions 17.8 x 23.7 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 16 July 2021
Number of pages 256
Format Hardback
Contributors Foreword by Mark Stavish
Dimensions 17.8 x 23.7 cm
Weight 892 g


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Eric Chaline is a professional author and editor based in London. He has a special interest in religion and philosophy, especially in relation to East Asia, Mesoamerica, and India. He has written books on a range of subjects, such as history, travel, and health and fitness. His published works include The Book of Zen, The Book of Gods and Goddesses, Simple Path to Yoga, 101 Dilemmas for the Armchair Philosopher, Lost Treasures, History's Worst Inventions, Fifty Minerals that Changed History, Ancient Greece, and Strokes of Genius: A History of Swimming (which won the Lord Aberdare Prize for best book on the history of sport in 2018). Publishers he has worked with include Quarto Publishing plc, Harper Collins, Firefly, New Holland Publishers Ltd, David and Charles Plc, and Reaktion Books Ltd. He has an MA in Japanese Studies and spent seven years in Japan where he studied Zen Buddhism and the martial arts. He also has a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies.