The Aztecs



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Five hundred years ago, the landing of Hernán Cortés in Mexico marked the end of the Aztec Empire. This volume presents the wealth of this culture with spectacular, sometimes unpublished finds: rare feathered shields, impressive stone sculptures, precious mosaic masks and goldwork as well as brilliantly coloured illustrated manuscripts bring the world of the Aztecs to life.

The publication provides comprehensive insight into the fascinating history of the Aztec Empire and takes into account the latest results of research and archaeology. Renowned experts tell of the political, societal and economic structures, of cultural achievements such as the complex calendar system and the Aztec language, and of religious rites. Precious objects from the magnificent furnishings of the palace of Emperor Moctezuma and the main temple Templo Mayor, including recently discovered sacrificial offerings that have never previously been exhibited, bear witness to the high standards of Aztec art and craftsmanship.

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