The Egg Incident


Remember, Humphrey; never run, never jump, and NEVER. EVER. sit on a wall!


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Ziggy Hanaor


Remember, Humphrey; never run, never jump, and NEVER. EVER. sit on a wall!

‘A modern morality tale for children ages 7-12 and their parents. Now, talking eggs are intrinsically funny, but Ms. Hanaor and Ms. Wynter miss no opportunity to make them even funnier.’ – The Wall Street Journal

‘This short graphic novel is a fast-paced read, thanks in large part to Daisy Wynter’s dynamic illustrations. Motion lines, hand-lettered sounds and dramatic page turns are used to great effect. And kids will get a kick out of Humphrey’s expressive reaction shots.’ – The New York Times

This middle-grade graphic novel tells the story of Humphrey – an egg with very overprotective parents; “Never run, never jump and NEVER EVER EVER sit on a wall. You remember what happened to your uncle…”

Humphrey lives a cautious life, until the day he bumps into Princess Jean (PJ) in the park. An adventurer through and through, PJ regales Humphrey with tales of all her antics and mishaps and they don’t notice the park is closing. Oh no! How will Humphrey get home? There’s only one way out. Over. The. Wall!

The Egg Incident is a joyous reversal of the traditional Humpty Dumpty tale of caution that will delight readers aged 7-12 who are tiptoeing towards independence themselves.

Additional information

Weight 520 g
Dimensions 19.8 x 24.6 cm
Publisher name Cicada Books Ltd
Publication date 7 January 2024
Number of pages 68
Format Hardback
Contributors Illustrated by Daisy Wynter
Dimensions 19.8 x 24.6 cm
Weight 520 g


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Ziggy Hanaor is a writer and publisher living in London. She has authored picturebooks including Fly Flies, Alex and Alex and the Pocket Chaotic, and a graphic novel, Alte Zachen, which was received to critical acclaim.

Daisy Wynter is an illustrator based in Sussex. As a child she was a bookworm and a compulsive doodler, and this hasn't really changed in adulthood. She received an MA in Children's Book Illustration from Goldsmiths in 2020.