The Greek Vase

Art of the Storyteller


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John H. Oakley


Wonderfully preserved Greek vases are a unique source of information about the mythology, religion, drama and daily l ife of the ancient Greek world. This sumptuous photographic book offers a superb visual introduction to the artistry of ancient Greek vases , exploring them not merely as beautiful vessels to bear water and wine, but also as instruments of storytelling and bearers of meaning. Presenting the vases and the ir imagery in their full narrative glory, The Greek Vase interprets the ir forms and stories along a variety of themes, from the adventures of gods and mythological heroes, to expressive scenes of sexual intimacy and depictions of social, family and domestic life. Throughout, the text highlights what these pictures would have meant to the people who lived with and used them, how they have been received by later generations , and the profound influence of their form, decoration and narrative on subsequent art, architecture and literature.

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