The Most Beautiful Villages of France (40th Anniversary Edition)

Discover 164 Charming Destinations


Discover the 158 most picturesque villages to visit in France, along with a dozen itineraries for walks along on the surrounding pilgrimage trails, in the newest edition of this illustrated travel guide.


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Les Plus Beaux Villages de France


From the medieval fortress of MontrĂ©sor in the Loire Valley to the lavender fields that surround the hilltop village of Gordes in the Luberon, this illustrated guide unveils the beauty of rural France, providing complete visitor’s information for these exceptionally preserved destinations. Carefully selected each year, the French villages featured in this official guide are replete with historical, architectural, and natural riches.

A brief history of each village is accompanied by recommendations for monuments, museums, and other places to visit, accommodation options ranging from hotels to campsites, restaurants, markets, artisanal produce and local specialties. Details on leisure activities encompass festivals, events, and excursions that encourage visitors to explore the surrounding area on foot, by canoe, or on horseback.

An eight-page supplement in this fully-updated new edition includes biking itineraries around the picturesque villages. The book includes an overview map of France, and each of the 164 accredited villages are featured on an easy-to-read, colored road map, accompanied by indications for the best way to arrive by road, train, and airplane. Suggestions for neighboring villages that should not be missed, along with their proximity, simplifies itinerary planning. Cross references and an index by region complete this practical, authoritative, and accessible illustrated guide.

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Publisher name Flammarion S.A.
Publication date 2 June 2022
Number of pages 280
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 17.9 x 21.6 cm
Weight 840 g


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Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, founded in 1982, aims to protect and promote the heritage of villages rigorously selected for their patrimonial wealth and architectural quality. It has also pioneered an international federation of The Most Beautiful Villages in the World, which is committed to sustainable development and the preservation of historical and cultural heritage in Belgium, Quebec, Italy, and Japan.