The Museum of Modern Art in This Century


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Glenn D. Lowry


The Museum of Modern Art’s recent redesign – the largest and most comprehensive building programme in the Museum’s history – embraces the changing nature of the institution and establishes it as a flexible entity rather than a fixed treasure house. As the current generation of curators puts its mark on the Museum through acquisitions, exhibitions and installations, the building will be a place where the history of art is constant revisited, investigated and reshaped, by its visitors as well as by its staff. This book is an illustrated overview of an institution that is dedicated to accommodating the diversity of contemporary art and an increasingly complex and nuanced understanding of modern art. An essay by Glenn D. Lowry examines MoMA’s current role in contemporary art as part of its long history of disrupting established paradigms, focusing on the building as a site where viewers actively experience art rather than passively receive it.

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Publisher name The Museum of Modern Art
Publication date 24 December 2009
Number of pages 48
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Dimensions 15.5 x 20.8 cm
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