Timber Homes

Taking Wood to New Levels


Elaborating the diversity of timber architecture today for residential buildings for architects, interior designers, and builders.


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Chris van Uffelen


More and more architects and builders are exploring the possibilities of a material for the construction of houses that offers unparalleled major advantages regarding design, function and ecology. Wood is a renewable building resource that impresses with its natural qualities as well as its astonishing versatility, especially given a number of new techniques, processing options, and innovations. Moreover, wooden architecture represents a promising opportunity to work towards a more CO2-neutral future.

Frank Lloyd Wright said about the world’s oldest building material that it is “universally beautiful” and “the most human of all materials”, facts that are highlighted in this volume focusing on residences. The presented projects demonstrate the sheer endless possibilities of timber for architecture and interior design. From an aesthetic point of view, they also show completely new ways for, but not limited to, the design of individual homes.

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Weight 1652 g
Dimensions 24.8 x 32.2 cm
Publisher name Braun Publishing AG
Publication date 15 August 2023
Number of pages 256
Format Hardback
Dimensions 24.8 x 32.2 cm
Weight 1652 g


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