Tracey Cunningham’s True Color

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Tracey Cunningham


The history, inspiration, and muses of hair color, as told by Hollywood’s top hair colorist Tracey Cunningham: True Color is the first book by the world’s most celebrated and in-demand hair colorist. Cunningham’s work on Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and her influence on the beauty industry are unparalleled. True Color will trace the history of hair color and offer a glimpse behind Hollywood’s global cultural influence and the biggest entertainment icons that have inspired Cunningham’s work. The book will also serve as a practical manual and detail the nutrition habits that promote healthy, owing follicles (the canvas of any good dye job) and your pre-salon visit checklist. To help unearth your dream inspiration, whether you’re a brunette, blonde, redhead, or even transitioning to natural silver, True Color will also feature exclusive interviews and personal, never-before-seen photos from some of Cunningham’s biggest clients.

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Publication date 8 July 2021
Number of pages 224
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Dimensions 20.5 x 26.1 cm
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Tracey Cunningham is the leading Hollywood celebrity hair colorist and the co-owner of ME`CHE, her Los Angeles salon. Tracey lives in Los Angeles with her family and her beloved cats.