Villa Balbiano

Italian Opulence on Lake Como


This volume recounts the centuries-long history of Villa Balbiano, a magnificent architectural masterpiece meticulously restored by Jacques Garcia.


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Ruben Modigliani


From its prominent position on Lake Como, Villa Balbiano radiates a majestic charm emblematic of the most splendid chapter in the history of great villas in the idyllic Italian region. Each successive owner brought new splendor to the villa through additions, new frescoes and statues, and increasingly extensive and sumptuous gardens. The villa’s history reached an acme at the end of the eighteenth century, when the enlightened Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini, as master of the house, transformed Villa Balbiano into a crucible of philosophy and art, framed within the villa’s archetypical Roman lines.

Today, esteemed interior architect Jacques Garcia has undertaken painstaking restoration work that combines a stunning array of precious materials and a worldclass collection of paintings and antique furnishings set against the backdrop of the original design that had been obscured over the centuries. The glorious new restoration inaugurates a new season in the life of the villa in one of the world’s most glamorous locations.

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Weight 2024 g
Dimensions 24.5 x 31.4 cm
Publisher name Flammarion S.A.
Publication date 1 August 2018
Number of pages 246
Format Hardback
Contributors Text by Ruben Modigliani, Photographs by Bruno Ehrs
Dimensions 24.5 x 31.4 cm
Weight 2024 g


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