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Vitali Gelwich


Vitali Gelwich has spent over a decade developing his practice, now reaching a point of inflection, allowing him to further unravel his identity as an artist. This comes at a point in time where imaginative freedom or total simplicity is becoming scarcer. Finding beauty in the mundane and intimacy in the banal sits at the core of Gelwich’s inspiration. To honour this fervour, he presents the Boring Book. Filled with moments that would usually go unremembered, that may seem irrelevant now, but may be very relevant later. A retrospective of mostly unseen, uncommissioned, forgotten memories that are the purest representation of who Gelwich is and how he perceives the world.

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Weight 2684 g
Dimensions 29.3 x 32.9 cm
Publisher name Hatje Cantz Verlag
Publication date 25 March 2022
Number of pages 320
Format Hardback
Contributors Edited by Nadine Barth
Dimensions 29.3 x 32.9 cm
Weight 2684 g


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Vitali Gelwich is a Russian born photographer and artist based in Berlin working from his studio in the suburbs of the city. Mostly known for his fashion photography, Gelwich's images tell edgy and curious narratives that push boundaries whilst inviting viewers in. Combining subtle provocation and innate experimentation, his work captures soft yet striking moments that fuse an identity between raw post-Soviet/East German street culture and high fashion. Unlike other contemporaries working in his industry, Gelwich is a selftaught photographer whose deeply ingrained Berlin-identity has made him one of the most sought after and respected rising stars in the industry, working with global clients such as Valentino, Moncler, MCM, 032C, Balmain, and many more.