What Is Color?

50 Questions and Answers on the Science of Color


A comprehensive illustrated exploration of the fascinating science of color


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Arielle Eckstut, Joann Eckstut


Arielle and Joann Eckstut, authors of The Secret Language of Color, offer a thorough, readable, and highly visual exploration of the science of color. Organized by 50 of the most essential questions about color across a variety of fields-physics, chemistry, biology, technology, and psychology-this book examines how and why we see color; how color relates to light; what the real primary colors are; how biology, language, and culture affect the colors that we see; and much more. Full of clear and elegant infographics, What Is Color? is a must-have for artists and designers, scientists, students, and decorators, and anyone else whose work or play involves color.

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Weight 566 g
Dimensions 23.6 x 18.5 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 28 April 2020
Number of pages 144
Format Hardback
Dimensions 23.6 x 18.5 cm
Weight 566 g


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Arielle Eckstut is the author of 10 books including The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published. She is also the cofounder of the Book Doctors, which helps get writers’ works published, and LittleMissMatched, a girls’ lifestyle brand. Joann Eckstut is an award-winning interior designer as well as one of America’s top color consultants. For the past 15 years, she has sat on the elite Interior Design Committee of the Color Association of the United States.