Where We Learn

Reimagining Educational Spaces



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Frame Publishers


Where We Learn investigates how learning spaces are evolving to be made more engaging, flexible and all-around better suited to today’s challenges and opportunities.

When educational spaces are designed not only to suit, but to harness the power of new learning models, they have a catalytic potential to improve the way knowledge is shared and retained. Once static, spaces where learning takes place have expanded far beyond the walls of the classroom to spill into more flexible and interactive settings.

Where We Learn will offer some of the most novel insights into the design and performance of new environments that are better adapted to contemporary pedagogical practices. This book will shed light on over 50 projects worldwide, ranging from kindergartens, schools and universities to libraries, study caf├ęs and museums. Geared towards readers interested in understanding the broader impact of design on the human experience, Where We Learn will highlight imaginative projects while remaining grounded in practical contexts and real-world settings.

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Publication date 5 December 2022
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