Home Made Basics

Simple Recipes, Made from Scratch


From acclaimed cookbook author and illustrator Yvette van Boven, a comprehensive kitchen resource for making hundreds of simple dishes from scratch


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Yvette van Boven


In her latest cookbook, Yvette van Boven shares step-by-step explanations for the foundational dishes that can transform how you cook and what you eat at home. Accompanied by her signature illustrations and beautiful photography, van Boven offers more than 400 recipes for delightful dishes that tell you how to make everything: simple dressings, vegetables, pastas, gnocchi, tortillas, perfectly poached eggs, and much more. Whether you’re new to cooking or an experienced home chef, this cookbook teaches you to make satisfying food without a lot of fuss or complicated ingredients. In her unique and friendly voice, the author guides you through every step of cooking simple, well-made everyday meals.

A staple for everyone who loves to cook at home, Home Made Basics offers fresh, healthy, and original meals you’ll want to make all year round.

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Weight 2185 g
Dimensions 23.2 x 28.6 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 2 December 2021
Number of pages 464
Format Hardback
Dimensions 23.2 x 28.6 cm
Weight 2185 g


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Yvette van Boven has written several successful cookbooks, including Home Made, Home Made Winter, Home Made Summer, Home Baked, Home Made Christmas, and Home Made in the Oven. In the Netherlands, van Boven is well known for her TV program, Cooking with Van Boven, her weekly features in Libelle and Volkskrant magazines, and her tasty contributions to Delicious. magazine. She illustrates and designs all of her books herself, and her husband, Oof Verschuren, takes all the pictures. She lives in Amsterdam.